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I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.


Also, I just made a Freudian slip. :) Enjoy it.


... I hadn't thought of it that way, Vern, but now that you mention it, yes. That is what I am suggesting.
Though I would say that 14" has to be a gross exaggeration. Plus, who can wield a 14" wand? Too ungainly. A reliable 7" is better every time.
Right? . . .



KBrowns are you suggesting that George Clooney's dog is 14's magic wand????????????



How am I just seeing these glorious hot dog works NOW? It is as if I have been smote by Cupid's greasy, fried, trans fat arrows.

I had 1"x1" photo of Jack Black cut from a magazine in a tiny frame for years, but lost it in a move sometime, many moons ago. Life hasn't been the same. Cherish your George + Hot Dog picture and never let it go, it might be the source of your powers.


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