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Jenn F.

Man is that ever bang on in so many ways.


You nailed the delusional pathetic beast known as LeAnn Rimes.
I love it.


You captured her face perfectly. I don't know what she sees when she looks in the mirror, but you captured perfectly what I see when I happen upon one of her photos.


I love you, 14. Such a perfect satire of Leeann and well done rendering of her bolt-on boobs and emaciatedly bloated stomach.


She looks nasty and you were spot on with her ugly Grinch face. Her nose is altered.


Processed Food = Thought Process

The Mave

The Betty White hotdog-eatin' one is my favorite,... but, LeAnne is a real close second, (,...Plus LeAnne needs that hotdog a whole lot more)!

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