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lemme out

The hissing swan is my favorite - made me laugh on a Monday morning, a rare feat indeed. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Fred Wickham

Just a great, inspiired painting. Thank you.

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I'm a fan of Bosch's design, and this is a excellent honor. Joan has lengthy since become a caricature of herself, the only observe she is able to perform kidding about how much face perform she is had done.


Wow, this is great. You are a true artist my friend.

Lipstick Mystic

I love all the mysterious creatures lurking around the edges of this mad vision! The fish lipped beings are rather pretty in their own funky way. Or maybe that's just me becoming too overly influenced by pop culture and distorted beauty "norms" again!


I love this! Thank you.


A question and a request.

Q: Is "dee cee" new slang for Ann Coulter?

I humbly submit that you wave George Clooney's magical hot dog over the controversial breastfeeding "Time" magazine cover.
Thanks ever so much!

Susan Olsen

Beyond brilliant, as always!

dee cee

What greedy, envious, jealous spite spawned inwardly you bring out..

If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang. ~Charley Reese


Tres magnifique!


I'm a fan of Bosch's style, and this is a good homage. Joan has long since become a caricature of herself, the only note she's able to play joking about how much facial work she's had done.

Love the tiny Bjork.

The Mave

These would make a wonderfully illustrated, but, truly scary children's fairy tale book!,..And imagine if you extended the art to all the stuff she had done on the rest of her body!

"Eeewww! Scary, Scary Boys N' Girls!!!" Go ask Alice,... I'll think she'll know.

Feed your head!

Webmaster Pete

Bizarre. Hellish. Genius. If Hieronymus was alive today, this is what he would paint.


Methinks Melissa should purchase this (@ $450,000.) to hang above her fireplace as a sort of Dorian Grey/Lon Chainey warning.

P.S. The Lumberjack Hoisting Joan's forehead is killing me.


Freakin' amazing.


The solo fish piece would make a great bathroom wall treatment. All of it would, really.

xoxo Portia


You capture her likeness. A job well done 14!

The Mave

Joan never looked so bad in a good GOTA kind of way!!

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