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Fanny Pack

YOU are scrum-tastic! Fab-rific! Stu-pend-able! I am truly in awe. Aw.

Jenn F.

Okay I didn't think much could be funnier than the original B&B image, but that rendering of Kris Humphries with his mouth hanging open like that is REALLY funny.

that is funny

How about Snooty and the Yeast?


This is effing brilliant: everything is on point. LOVE your work!!!


Dee Cee

Excellent.. It's them precisely... really how can you do this great depiction of the odd balls and weirdo's caught in their natural state.. time and time again? Genius..

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HI Xoxo 14, you got a very nice gallery here. How do you come up something so artistic? I wanna paint and color like yours!


Thanks guys!

Hi Mandy, I scan my drawings/sketches in Photoshop CS4 and then use several layers and opacities to color 'em in. I also recently graduated from using a pen tablet to now using a Cintiq (talk about FUN!).

xoxo 14


Love this! Do you mind if I ask what kind of program you use for digital color? It looks so fun! I wanna color too :)

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I hope you continue to work hard.Refueling.


...And just like that, 14's back! I've been a lurker on your site forever- since 2005/6. Every single piece of satire since then, I've admired. You don't just lampoon, you have a singular talent of highlighting star foibles and character flaws with the stroke of your brush (Paris Hilton's lazy eye and crab for example).

Don't think I'll comment again, but I want to let you know- I am sure there are many like me who admire your work please, I'd love it, if you posted at Gallery of the Absurd more frequently again!

The Brangelina Aniston triangle, the Lohan Debacle, Lady Gaga, John Mayer/ Katy Perry, Rihanna-Chris Brown, Will Smith, John Travolta, Mary Kate and the French Boyfriend- the list could go on, are all crying for your deft hand to portray their current absurdities.

Regardless of whether you post or not; I visit every week.

Thank you for the entertainment.



I have to wonder about that family, aside from their late father, what, exactly, are they famous for?

Love your work, 14!!!!!!


This tail is so beautiful I can't help but shed a tear, for that poor Beast who can't see his own performance, and, maybe, for that poor squirrel.

Sharon LaBey

Hey 14! The art is amazing, as always, and Candy's text is the perfect blend of sardonicism and truth. Keep up the hilarious work, you two!


I have been reading this blog for years and it has never ever failed to amuse me. 14, you are the brightest light in our dim world, if you ever stop blogging I am pretty sure I'll cry.


Thanks Tess and El Bastardo!!


Damn! Supoib as usual!

Tess Danesi

This was awesome. I will never remove you from my reader just in case, like today, another pseudo-celeb compels you to paint her. What a perfectly fractured fairy tale this is. Thanks so much for the laughter.


Awww, thanks hon! I'm not going away, just expanding into all sorts of different artistic interests. Thanks for reading my blog!



Lord, I love your work. You should be running the world.
Never go away, please.

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