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The SAD SAD thing is that if these were pics of a frail MALE celebrity with VEINS pokiing out everywhere then ALL OFF YOU CRITICAL FUKRS wouldn't post a GD thing because it's OK for men to look like some sort of swamp creature?? FUK DOUBLE STANDARDS and FUK the ppl that believe in them and feed into them!!!!!!!!!!!!!


talk is cheap people and jaouslie seems to rule your world .How sad for you !!!becarfull of what you are saying it's only your jaouslie and your bad spirit that speaks Anyway Madonna is more spiritual than just a bodyi guess her body is 1% for her and the rest: the spiritual is 99%So i know she doesn't care at all about her veines or anything else you are focused on Do you know how much she helps the world and people in africa and all around the world?Do you really think that she's done enough and she should retire?will YOU do what she is actually doing for the world?Best wishes for you all !!!

If only Madonna would actually Dare to show the Truth! She looks good at her age anyway..



Show some respect how could u do this ??she said that the perfume truth and dare reminded her of her mother and ur making fun of it. GROW UP KIDS!!!by the way it's a very nice fragrance and it has been sold more and more .


AH! the early years, when the scent of Ivory soap would do!

"I needed a nude and a 20-year-old called Madonna showed up. She got $30."

Photographer Martin Schreiber's best shot


As always, love this 14, the details are exquisite.

More, please, more, more, more.

And how about another montage with the super talented Jeff Polage?

Jenn F.

I always get such a kick out of people calling you "Sir". Heeheee!

If only Madonna would actually Dare to show the Truth! Most people would be so much more impressed if she allowed herself to look like a real person, and not this nature-fighting maniacal machine.

Another fine piece!


You are just awesome!

While I think her body at 50+ yrs looks great and did not need much photoshop magic, I'm pretty sure the Madonna face used in the ad was Photoshop blasted into the early 1990s.


Damn 14!
You've gone and impressed my husband. He LOVES this.

AJ - Fantastic Travels

Killing myself laughing, excellent read! But wait a minute, where's the gap between her teeth or has she had that fixed without me setting eyes on her for ten years lol.


Normally I hate the Vadge's, narcissism, but, today I love it! She has inspired the most clever girl I know to poke a "sacred cow" (pig) with a stick (pencil).

PS: love how you removed the religious undertones of the bottle's design, making it look more like the pampered baby bottle that it is.

Fredrik Sandebert

Dear Sir,

Thank you for a good chuckle. Please post more paintings, you have a number (pun) of 14 addicts.


The Mave

Nailed it once again!!!
The "Uncensored Version" isn't for the faint at heart,... Good thing I'm not Faint at heart!

Yep, That's M alright!


I like how her body just looks like a rather normal female body, certainly not awful but shocking in the context of the fake "perfection" we see every day. Of course, the armpit hair that looks a bit like an anus is disturbing, and her face and claw hands are YIKES. Good job!


You captured her so well! LOL! Love it, 14!

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