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Sweet Subversion


Jane Strange

Tell it like it is 14. Our culture is caught between slob and sleaze. I'm sick of going to nice restaurants and having low class people wearing NFL jerseys, shorts, and baseball caps. When did being “comfortable” supersede decency and class? Who told overweight college students JUICY plastered on ones rump was acceptable fashion? Enough!


You're a cruel one,
Miss 14,
You draw pathetic toddler-like wankers
With a repugnant lack of hygiene,
Miss 14,
Three words to describe it are,
And I quote:
Fink, Fank, Funk!


You're a rough one
Miss 14
you really are quite mean,
You're as Kuddly as a Kardashian,
As charming as a Sheen
Miss 14......

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