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I said , this girl is not normal at all!
a piece of sick mind, that's it.

Jenn F.

I'm not sure which made me laugh more... the chipmunk teeth or the flyswatter tattoo!


This is miley's best look yet, love it!


Fantastique! You never fail to amaze and capture your subjects in their best light ;) I was elated you opted to alter that picture to more accurately reflect Miley Virus. I'm a Rolling Stone subscriber, and upon opening that issue, flung it out the door and yelled,"Pazuzu! Licking, groping, gyrating demon spawn, go back to whence you came from!"


Disney's lame ex-child star druggies .. it's all about shock and hate me for being rich and naked please.. out of the loop when it comes to health concerns and some appeal and talent counts


Fantastique! I was waiting for this! VERN! :)


Please excuse the spit take I did when I saw this. I will have to snark later. Right now, I can't stop laughing! This is too good bon 14!

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